Future of Your Money


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You slogged, you earned and you made a fortune.

Have you deciphered how money impacts your life at different stages, and what drives you to earn, spend and save?

Do you tell your money where to go, during or after your lifetime?

Who claims the lion’s share of your assets – people connected by genetics or marriage, or every cause or person who has made a difference to your life in some way.

There are websites which help you write a will in three steps –

  1. List your assets
  2. List the names of beneficiaries
  3. Allocate a percentage

Voila, it’s done. Take a printout.

This is a workbook which creates the right mindset which helps you decide the names of the beneficiaries, and the percentage you will like to allocate.

Work on it to get a clear perspective on your money relationships.

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