What is financial coaching?

Financial coaching is personal coaching and guidance to help you achieve your financial goals.

A life coach or executive coach helps you achieve the desired outcome, by identifying the facilitators, blocks, strengths, weaknesses and the best way forward. Coachees experience Aha moments on a path of self-discovery, and are able to proceed ahead with confidence.

A financial coach does the same with respect to financial wellness.

  •  Financial behavior is a function of a deeply ingrained value system. A plan will not
    succeed if it contradicts your values at some level. Do you know what values are most
    important to you?
  •  Do you have your financial goals listed out in order of priority?
  •  Can you differentiate between needs and wants?
  •  Do you have a goal-based plan of activity and a monitoring system?

What does a financial coach do?

A financial coach holds an introductory session with you to understand your present state and desired outcome. Then, we help you identify and eliminate the roadblocks and find the best way forward to achieve your money goals.

We use questionnaires, tools and graphs to simplify the process, but do not recommend or sell financial products.

We help you devise a plan, and to stay on track by hand-holding.

We address the root cause. We find out what lies behind your money habits, and how can you change those to reach the goals.

Get your priorities sorted out before a financial advisor can tailor a plan for you.

Speak to a financial coach, in a one-to-one meeting, phone or Zoom session.