Money Management without Maths


What Will I Learn?

  • In 15 minutes, you learn how to
  • 1. create a firm foundation for your financial plan
  • 2. ensure financial wellness for yourself and your loved ones
  • 3. gently lead your family on the path to financial success
  • And as the title promises, it is all done without Maths or number-crunching :)

Topics for this ebook

5 Lessons15m

Goal Setting

Goal Setting00:00:00

Share to Care

Empower Your Partner

Set limits for your Children

Money Mindset

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Excellent coverage in a short time.


Material Includes

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  • Implement what you learn.
  • Share with others if you benefit, or think others might benefit.

Target Audience

  • 1. People who earn and support a family, or stay with a family - parents, spouse and/or children.
  • 2. People who need to formulate and execute a financial plan for achievement of financial goals.
  • 3. People who target financial well-being rather than just financial prosperity and wealth.
  • 4. People who have both 'wealth' and 'wellness' , 'family' and 'healthy finances' in their values list.