Check Your Financial Quotient

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1. Do you prefer learning personal finance online?


2. How many Times have you borrowed or rolled over your credit card bills in the past 1-2 years


3. You Invest in Rs.1,00,000 In Stock Market via Mutual Funds & Market Drops by 20% in Value in about Less than a Month’s Time. You Would…….?


4. How much of your income are you able to save?


5. Your dependents include


6. Given your current financial status, can you achieve your financial goals?


7. Your total income comes from


8. How many years left for your Retirement?


9. Which of these best describes your financial Situation?


10. What Is your Present Investment Pattern?


11. What do you think is a reasonable amount you can spend per month for financial wellness?


12. Would you like to have a financial coaching session to crystallize your financial goals?


13. Would you like to have the wisdom of personal finance books in small, easy-to-understand


14. Your Loan repayments Account for what % of your family income.


15. How stable is your job/business/profession?


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